Lexapro Weight Gain

Lexapro and weight gainLexapro has been widely considered as one of the best medicines for treating anxiety and depression disorders. But along with its advantages there comes also its side effects. Among them, one that has certainly been a topic of debate is whether Lexapro can make you gain weight. Generally speaking, there haven’t been many cases, but some patients, however, have claimed that even though they have maintained a regular physical life, by consuming less or even accompanying it with physical activities, have still gained weight. If you experience such condition then you should consider talking with you doctor on the new ways to avoid such. You may be advised to switch to a lower dosage, or in another scenario to switch to another drug. Some of the patients have claimed that by lowering the dosage, the symptoms of weight gain, have become less obvious. But for some others, it has been necessary to switch to another drug which might not have been as effective as Lexapro, but according to them, they have been able to maintain a balanced weight.

However there has not been a certain proof, claiming that the drug does really make you gain weight because from different studies, this medication has on weight gain, the same effects as other drugs, or even same as those who are not at the drug at all.

Some important points to consider when taking Lexapro are also that you should consume a lot of vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. Try not to consume alcohol and by following these simple eating habits and being part of a healthy diet, you will be able to keep up your desired weight.

As this is an anxiety and depression medication, we can consider that these two conditions can itself, even without the presence of Lexapro, bring many changes in one’s body. Depression and anxiety can make people not sleep and change their eating habits by consuming less or more. So the weight gain change can be contributed not to the medicine itself rather than the conditions themselves that can bring a lot of changes in the human body. In generally, there have considered that only 5 % of the patients have experienced weight gain. So it’s important to take into account several factors, internal and external, and then arrive at a conclusion on whether Lexapro does really has or not an effect at weight gain.